National holiday 26 May
26-27 May we're closed due to a national holiday.
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Product Phase-Out Notice
Hydraulic Blocking Cylinder Typ BZ
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Price adjustment
Due to the crazy steel price increases that has been going on for a long time we are now in need to make price adjustments. We have been waiting as long as possible but now the time has come.

During the last 12 months, we as most companies have been affected of price increases on raw materials for our manufacturing. We have awaited the last 2 months to see if prices are only temporary up but unfortunately not.
In the graph above you can see steel price development, referring to steel price Meps Europe (Euro per tons):

Our Steel prices has increased with approx. +71% the last 12 month and it reflects the price increase that we are experiencing from our suppliers. We should have raised our prices with +8,7% according to this, but we will take one step at the time to see how the market will react during the autumn/winter 2021 (+/-).
We will make a price increase of +5,7% from 1th of September 2021 on all our prices.
Best Regards
Müller Mekaniska AB